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"Watch Your Thoughts, They Become Your Words, Watch Your Words, They Become Your Actions, Watch Your Actions, They Become, Your Character, Watch Your Character, It's Your Destiny" - Author Unkown -

RST Time's A Wastin' 0124
National Champion Horned Bull and
& Supreme Champion Animal
2013 National Western Stock Show

Owned by: Richard and Shirley Thomas; LCC and Accelerated Genetics

A sincere Thank You to all of those who attended and/or purchased at this years Illini Top Cut Sale.

We were humbled by the acceptance of our genetics and honored to serve as host to a record crowd and record sale.

Thank You To All For A Very Successful Sale!
Our Gates Are Always Open

It has been said if you continue to do things the same way, you should expect the same results. We have experienced many positive influences and changes here at Lowderman Cattle Company. We have new growth, a continued commitment, and a refreshed direction.
We have learned from "One Generation to the Next", passed on by our parents (Jack and Sherry Lowderman), through hard work, dedication, faith, believing, and love; as well as, being fair and honest, all things are possible.
We believe our offerings are right for the times, with the genetic package and traits to make an impact in the beef cattle industry.
We value our customers, and thank them for their support and confidence in our programs. Cattle that have been purchased in past sales continue to do well for their new owners. We treasure the friendships, relationships, and partnerships that have been built, and welcome the opportunity to build new ones.
LCC Genetics To Sell In Upcoming Sales
These 2 heifers sell in the Illini Classic Sale during the 2015 Illinois Beef Expo

This heifer sells in the Hereford Select Sale during the 2015 Iowa Beef Expo.