Lowderman Cattle Co.
2018 Catalog (PDF)




"Watch Your Thoughts, They Become Your Words, Watch Your Words, They Become Your Actions, Watch Your Actions, They Become, Your Character, Watch Your Character, It's Your Destiny" - Author Unkown -

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RST Time's A Wastin' 0124

LCC Back N Time ET

RS 45P Magnum 91Y

BPH 262 Chism 515Y

LCC 2T Longdrive 3Y ET

JB LCC Quagmire 506

JJD LCC Limit Up 7067

LCC Chancellor 614 ET

LCC Colonel 413 ET

SSF 8619 Embracer 043

The Lowderman Family has the HYFA Donation Heifer at this years Mile High Night Sale on January 18, 2019 at the National Western Stock Show in Denver!

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Watch “HYFA Donation Heifer” on Vimeo by clicking this link!