Lowderman Cattle Co.
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"Watch Your Thoughts, They Become Your Words, Watch Your Words, They Become Your Actions, Watch Your Actions, They Become, Your Character, Watch Your Character, It's Your Destiny" - Author Unkown -

UPS JT Miss Neon 7811 ET
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• 2008 National Champion Female - Reno
• Unique substance and stoutness with loads of femininity
* Flush mate to Nitro
• Owned by: Lowderman Cattle Co.; Upstream Ranch; Bloomberg Cattle Co.

• Pictured as a first calf heifer, watch for her bull calf born in 2009.
• Sire: Neon

LCC Two Timin 438 ET - Dam of UPS JT Miss Neon 7811 ET
• 2006 Denver National Champion Female
• Sire: Online
• Purchased by Blake Tucker as his first show heifer