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"Watch Your Thoughts, They Become Your Words, Watch Your Words, They Become Your Actions, Watch Your Actions, They Become, Your Character, Watch Your Character, It's Your Destiny" - Author Unkown -

MSU BR Merry 24K
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• Sire: MSU Star DR Headmaster Dam: MSU Merry 15G ET
• Owned by: Lowderman Cattle Company

LCC Merry Me 401 ET

• 13-Time Undefeated Champion IL State Fair Jr. Show Champion Female
• Flush mate sister purchased by Cottonwood Springs.
• Both females sold in 2004 Illini Top Cut Sale
• Owned by: Lowderman Cattle Co.; John Sandage

LCC 17N Merry Me On 902 ET

• Sire: Neon
• Purchased by Sunset Ridge & Dave Mooney Family-'09 Illini Top Cut Sale

LCC Merry N Time 906 ET

• Sire: Neon
• Purchased by Albin Farms in 2009 Illini Top Cut Sale

LCC Chancellor 614 ET
Sire: Channing • Son of MSU BR Merry 24K

• 2-Time Illinois State Fair Champion Bull
• Owned by: Lowderman Cattle Co.; Albin Farms

LCC Merry Time 244
Daughter of MSU BR Merry 24K

• Cornerstone donor, never misses
• Generates unequaled quality and design
• Produced numerous high sellers and champions

LCC Genetics To Sell In Upcoming Sales
These 2 heifers sell in the Illini Classic Sale during the 2015 Illinois Beef Expo

This heifer sells in the Hereford Select Sale during the 2015 Iowa Beef Expo.